Developer Guide

Microweber is a multi-featured extendable open source content management system based on the robust Laravel Framework. It enables any web site to become a rich environment for you to express your thoughts and sell products on the Internet.

While there are many good existing technologies that can be used together, you will hardly find a single piece of software that combines them all in the right way.

Microweber is build on existing technologies and gives the developers and the users a single tool that makes the website creation process easier than before.

It empowers regular users and programmers to make websites with ease.

What Microweber is made of?

Live edit

With the "Live Edit" mode you can edit the content of the site directly on its front-end. You don't have to switch between the admin panel and the site in order to see how your content looks.


The modules act as independent containers of information. They can be reused across pages. Modules can include other modules as "building blocks" and can contain any functionality.

You can reload every module of the fly and there is no need to reload the whole page in order to see your updated content.


Microweber have PHP and HTTP API, so you can easily get and save data anywhere.


We have handy Javascript and CSS framework to help style your website or make your modules more dynamic.

Some feature highlights

Business OwnersDevelopers

No programing needed!

Fully documented


Reusable core features

Drag and drop editing

Multiple PHP template engines

Out-of-the box shop

Powerful API

Add features with a click

Easily extendable

and much more...

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